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Top Corner
rajyog Argon Torch
rajyog Pickling Gel
rajyog Anti Corrosive –wd-40
rajyog Apron – Chrome Leather
rajyog Blowpipes / Brazing Torch
rajyog Co2 Torch and Spares
rajyog Brass Brazing Rod
rajyog Contact Tips ( imported)
rajyog Copper/Aluminium Welding cable
rajyog D.P Test material
rajyog Anti Spatter spray
rajyog Nozzle Gel
rajyog Copper Cable Lugs
rajyog Chipping Hammer
rajyog Cylinder Key-oxygen/Acetylene Co2
rajyog Cable Connectors
rajyog Copper Phosphorous Brazing Rod Redish quality
rajyog Cutter : Gas Cutting Torch
rajyog Cylinder Hand trolley with four wheels
rajyog Certain
rajyog Drying Ovens
rajyog Electrodes
rajyog Earthing Clamp
rajyog Ear plug
rajyog Filler wire
rajyog Flux (for brazing)
rajyog Flowmeter
rajyog Face shield
rajyog Flashback arrestors
rajyog Goggles
rajyog Glass
rajyog Gouging Torch
rajyog Hose pipe
rajyog Pneumatic hose
rajyog Hose clips
rajyog Heating torch (blowpipe)
rajyog Helmet (head protection)
rajyog Handgloves
rajyog Handsleeves
rajyog Holder (Arc welding holder)
rajyog Handscreen (without glass)
rajyog Headscreen (without glass)
rajyog Headscreen Spare Belt
rajyog Helmets (Auto darkening)
rajyog Inspection mirror
rajyog Lighter
rajyog Leg Guard
rajyog Nozzle for Gas Cutting
rajyog Welding Tip (nozzle tip)
rajyog Nozzle Cleaner
rajyog Preheater
rajyog Pug Cutting Machine
rajyog PVC Plastic Welding Torch
rajyog Regulators
rajyog Silver Brazing Rod
rajyog Safety Belt
rajyog Spot Welding Electrode
rajyog Tungsten Rods
rajyog Thermopens
rajyog Teflon Tape
rajyog Wire Brush
rajyog Welding Gauge
rajyog Welding transformer
rajyog Welding Rectifier
rajyog Water Circulation Unit
rajyog Welding Transformers ( portable)
rajyog Wire Brush

About Us.....


Rajyog Enterprises was established in the year 1980 by Mr. Bipin K Shah in a 100 square feet shop and shifted to a new 1500 square feet showroom on the Mumbai – Pune highway in the year 1995.

A lawyer by academics, but choose the welding industry as his profession. His son Mr. Piyush B Shah under the able guidance of his father has joined him since last 5 years.

Rajyog Enterprises is one of the leading Trading Company in welding industry, serving clients not only in Pune but all over India. For more than 30 years, Rajyog has continued to serve the industry with more than 1200 items (Indian & imported) in stock. The company in the fiscal year ended Mar. 31, 2011 lead to a 24% growth on the previous year.

Our business is structured to provide wholesale, semi-wholesale, retail and semi-retail services in the welding industry. We offer expertise in all imported items in welding with delivery time from one week to 7 weeks.

We are the Authorized Dealer / Distributor for :

SAP make Argon / Co2 torch and spares
WELDCUT make pressure regulator and spares
KESHAV make copper welding cable (TRS & HOFR) and hose pipes
HARIDAS make electrode drying ovens and spares
TWELDOX make pressure regulator and spares
WOLFRAM make tungsten rods (made in Germany)
WELDPROTEX Make black german glass made in Germany
PLANSEE make tungsten rods (made in Austria)
ASSOCIATE make copper welding cable ( HOFR QUALITY )
WELDCOR make welding cable and hosepipes
SPARKWELD make welding holder and welding accessories
CALLINGTON HEAVEN PTY LTD (Calguard & weldbrite make stainless steel pickling gel)
JETARC make welding transformers and rectifiers
EASY PART / AEROPRES make co2 anti spatter spray


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Auth. Distr
     SAP Argon /Co2 Torch & Spares.
  WELDCUT Pressure Regulator & Spares
  WOLFRAM Make Tungsten Rods
  KESHAV Make Welding Cable & Hosepipe
  TWELDOX Make Pressure Regulators & Spares
  HARIDAS Make Electrode Drying Ovens & Spares