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rajyog Argon Torch
rajyog Pickling Gel
rajyog Anti Corrosive –wd-40
rajyog Apron – Chrome Leather
rajyog Blowpipes / Brazing Torch
rajyog Co2 Torch and Spares
rajyog Brass Brazing Rod
rajyog Contact Tips ( imported)
rajyog Copper/Aluminium Welding cable
rajyog D.P Test material
rajyog Anti Spatter spray
rajyog Nozzle Gel
rajyog Copper Cable Lugs
rajyog Chipping Hammer
rajyog Cylinder Key-oxygen/Acetylene Co2
rajyog Cable Connectors
rajyog Copper Phosphorous Brazing Rod Redish quality
rajyog Cutter : Gas Cutting Torch
rajyog Cylinder Hand trolley with four wheels
rajyog Certain
rajyog Drying Ovens
rajyog Electrodes
rajyog Earthing Clamp
rajyog Ear plug
rajyog Filler wire
rajyog Flux (for brazing)
rajyog Flowmeter
rajyog Face shield
rajyog Flashback arrestors
rajyog Goggles
rajyog Glass
rajyog Gouging Torch
rajyog Hose pipe
rajyog Pneumatic hose
rajyog Hose clips
rajyog Heating torch (blowpipe)
rajyog Helmet (head protection)
rajyog Handgloves
rajyog Handsleeves
rajyog Holder (Arc welding holder)
rajyog Handscreen (without glass)
rajyog Headscreen (without glass)
rajyog Headscreen Spare Belt
rajyog Helmets (Auto darkening)
rajyog Inspection mirror
rajyog Lighter
rajyog Leg Guard
rajyog Nozzle for Gas Cutting
rajyog Welding Tip (nozzle tip)
rajyog Nozzle Cleaner
rajyog Preheater
rajyog Pug Cutting Machine
rajyog PVC Plastic Welding Torch
rajyog Regulators
rajyog Silver Brazing Rod
rajyog Safety Belt
rajyog Spot Welding Electrode
rajyog Tungsten Rods
rajyog Thermopens
rajyog Teflon Tape
rajyog Wire Brush
rajyog Welding Gauge
rajyog Welding transformer
rajyog Welding Rectifier
rajyog Water Circulation Unit
rajyog Welding Transformers ( portable)
rajyog Wire Brush


Argon Torch
Make – SAP (we are authorised distributors for sap argon torch and spares since 1980
Used for – Argon welding
Available in 4 & 8 mtrs, water cooled and gas cooled options, from 50 to 600amps
With round & ergo tig handles, in globle and indian type.

Anti Spatter spray, nozzle gels, pickling gel.
Make- Easypart, Aeropres,
Used for – removing the spatter left during co2 welding.
Availability –easy part & aeropres in silicon and non silicon spray can of 550 ml and weldbrite available in 1 kg, 2.5 kg, and 20 kg packing.

Nozzle Gel
Used for- Mig gun nozzles and contact tips
Availability in 300 gms tin.

Pickling Gel
Make – Cal-guard (water based), (made in Australia), Forex – p pentol (made in Germany) k-2 paste. Weldbrite (made in Australia)
Used for - removing the black oxide marks or burn scale left during s.s.welding

Anti Corrosive –wd-40
Make – Hawco (made in UK)
Used for – anti corrosion / anti moisture
Availability -spray can of 400 ml.

Apron – Chrome Leather
Availability in 24 x 36 “, 24 x 48”
Used for – safety purpose

Brass Brazing Rod, Blowpipes, Brazing Torch.
Silicon bronze brass brazing rod superior quality
Used for brass brazing
Availability in 1.6 mm and 3.15 mm size

Blowpipes / Brazing Torch
Make – Esab isi mark, Ador isi, Prestige, Million, Super.
Used for- gas welding, brazing, heating with oxy and acy or lpg.
Availability- with high pressure , light weight pressure with 6 tips , 3 tips , 4 tips , 5 tips , 2 tips , swaged pipes & dh type.

Bare Rods
Make – Dolero (made in U.K) , Taseto (made in Japan)
Used for- corrosion resistance and high temperature abrasion.
Availability in bare rods and electrodes ,grade 6 , and grade 12.
Size 3.2mm and 4 mm

Co2 Torch and Spares
Make SAP we are authorised distributors for SAP co2 torch and spares since 1980
Used for co2 welding
Available in 3 mtrs, water cooled and gas cooled options, from 190 to 600 amps
Round &ergo tig handle.with weldflex makes coax cable made in usa (holo cable).

Contact Tips ( imported)
Used for co2 welding .for mogora , advani , abicor binzel , and panasonic co2 torch.
Available in ecu( copper ) and cucrzr ( copper , chromium & zirconium) quality from size 0.8 to 1.6 mm size for 200 amps to 600 amps torch)

Copper / Aluminium Welding cable
Make – Keshav isi mark, Associate, Excellent, Weldcor , Weldstar and Polyweld make.
Available in – copper ,aluminium conductor in trs(tough rubber sheathed) , hofr (heat , oil, flame retardant ) .from 16 to 120 i.e. 100 amps to 1200 amps.
Amp trs amps hofr
100 amps 16 150 amps 16
150 amps 25 sq mm 230 amps 25
230 amps 35 sq mm 400 amps 35
400 amps 50 600 amps 50
600 amps 70 800 amps 70
800 amps 95 sq mm 1000 amps 95
1000 amps 120 1200 amps 120

Copper Cable Lugs
Available in copper finish & chrome plating, from 200 amps to 600 amps.

Chipping Hammer
Make Wel spring Universal
M.s without spring handle and powder coated body

Cylinder Key-oxygen / Acetylene. Co2
Available in sliding two way use.

Cable Connectors
Make Welspring universal
Used for joining the length of the cable
Available for cable side plug, machine panel socket, gas exit connectors
From 200 amps to 600 amps cable

Copper Phosphorous Brazing Rod Redish quality
Available in size 1.6 mm and 3.15 mm

Cutter: (gas cutting blowpipe) Gas Cutting Torch
Make: Esab (isi mark), Prestige, Rajyog, Ador (isi mark), Messer (made in Germany).
Used for gas cutting
Available in a type or b type cutting nozzles with different sizes

Cylinder Hand trolley with four wheels

Cylinder trollet fpor carrying gas cylinder from one place to other.
Available in single and two cylinder hand trolley, with powder coated body
Folding chain and 4 wheels.
(wheel size for single trolley is 160 mm dia front & 100 mm dia rear wheel)
(wheel size for two cylinder trolley is 200 mm dia front & 125 mm dia rear wheel)

Certain (for protection against welding spark)
Make - Welspring universal
Available in different size and types.

D.P Test material
Cleaner, developer, penetrant
Pmc flawheck make
Used for job cleaning.available in 280 ml spray can and 1000 ml tin

Drying Ovens (electrode and flux drying ovens)
Make - Haridas
Used for drying the electrodes to get rid of the moisture in it before used for welding.
Available from 4 kg drying capacity to 100 kg capacity, with portable and mother ovens (cabinet type).
Flux drying ovens available from 50 kg flux drying capacity to 100 kg.
With one year warranty against manufacturing defect.

Make – Ador, Esab, Mangalam, Honavar, Anand, Royal, SMP, Premier, Welwelder, Superon, Ador low heat range, L & T etc.
Used for stainless steel, mild steel, structural, x-ray, hard facing welding.
Available from size 2.5 mm to 5 mm.

Earthing Clamp
Make - Welspring universal
Used for earthing
Available from 200 amps to 600 amps, with full brass body, available in brass pincer type and m.s heavy

Ear plug
Make 3M
Used to protect against noise pollution

Filler wire.
Make - Alfa , Esab , Trader , Kiswel , Super alloys , Ador , Fsh (made in france)
Available in stainless steel , mild steel , pure aluminium , 5 % silicon aluminium , 10 % silicon aluminium, 5 % magnesium ,flux cored wire , 80 sb2 , 90sb2 , 90 s b3.

Flux (for brazing)
Make - Esab, Sparkweld
Used for brazing
Flux is required to prevent oxides from forming while the metal is heated. The flux also serves the purpose of cleaning any contamination left on the brazing surfaces...
Available for use in silver, brass, aluminium, and cast iron brazing
Size 500 gms

Flowmeter (for co2, Argon and Nitrogen gas)
Make. Weldcut, Tweldox, Perfect, Sparkweld, & economy series
Used for inlet and outlet pressure adjustment in co2, argon and nitrogen gas.

Face shield
Used for protection against welding and cutting
Available in size 6 x 9, 9 x 12, with pvc belt, and a and b type

Flashback arrestors (non return valves)
Make - Esab (isi), Witt (iso 9001 co) made in Germany, Ador (isi), Messer (made in Germany),
Borris, Sparkweld, Tanaka (made in Japan).
Used for – safety, to prevent back fire.
Available in oxygen & acetylene for regulator, cutting blowpipe, pug cutting machine side.

Used for protection of eyes against grinding, welding and cutting, forging.
Available in plain glass, toughened glass, blue glass, green glass 4fw, 6fw, 11fw, indian and imported. Flip up type two in one, available in glass shed no 4a1 din & 11a1 din for gas cutting and plian for grinding.

Make – ‘Aulektro’ make made in Germany and ‘SCS’ make made in Czech Republic
Used for welding
Size (108 mm length x 83 mm width x 2 mm height).
Available in shed no 11 din, 12 din, 13 din, 14 din.
shed 11 din used for general welding
shed 12 din used heavy structural welding
shed 13 din used for co2 welding
shed 14 din used for argon welding.
Glass (white plain)
Available in size (108 mm length x 83 mm width x 2 mm height).

Gouging Torch
Make – Metarc, Wel-spring
Used for – cutting & gouging w/o oxygen
Availabile from 400 amps to 1200 amps

For 6 mm gouging rod (required gouging torch model is cag 9)
8 mm and 9 mm gouging rod (required gouging torch model is cag 15)
12 mm to 16 mm gouging rod (required gouging torch model is cag 19)

Welspring universal make model-gt k4 (equiv. To advani cag-15) (for 12 mm to15 mm gouging carbon rod
Welspring universal make model-gt k3 (equiv. To advani cag-9) (for 6 mm to 9 mm gouging carbon rod)

Hose pipe-
Make – Keshav (isi mark), Weldcor (non isi), Ganga (isi mark)
Used for gas cutting and gas welding
Available from 6 mm to 10 mm size, (blue for oxygen, red for acetylene and LPG)
6mm used for pug cutting machine.
8 mm used for gas cutting blowpipe.
10 mm also used for gas cutting blowpipe.

Pneumatic hose
Make Samson (regular) p.v.c. flexible braided / air/ water (sky blue)
Used for pneumatic
Available from 6.3 mm to 19 mm dia size

Hose clips
Used for hose pipe.
Available from 6 mm to 10 mm size

Heating torch (blowpipe)
Make Ador, Esab
Lpg heating torch. Used for heating with lpg and oxy / acy gas.
Available in one big burner, and with 3 burners, with 8 and 6 mm nipple.

Helmet (head protection)
Make - Shree arc (isi mark), Acme, Metro
Used for head protection
Available in PVC feeting, nape strap.

Superior quality
Used for safety
Availability in chrome leather, cotton canvas, seamless knitted, asbestos, and heat resistance.size available from 9 inches to 18 inches

Used for safety
Available in chrome leather, size 16” inches, 18’’ inches and 20 ‘’.

Holder (Arc welding holder)
Make – Esab, Sparkweld, Arcweld, Weldowin, Million, and Welspring universal.
Used for holding the welding electrode while welding
Available in fully insulated and semi insulated, brass body from 300 amps to 700 amps.

Handscreen (without glass)
Make sparkweld
Used for protection against arc welding
Available in black fibre glass, with both side finish superior quality.

Headscreen (without glass)
Make – Welspring universal, Sparkweld, Unicare.
Used for protection against arc welding
Sparkweld available with black fibre glass, original fibre adjustable belt w/o glass.
Welspring universal available in thermo plastic black removable filting window with push pull type gear belt without glass.

Headscreen Spare Belt
Make Sparkweld, Welspring universal
Sparkweld make spare original fibre adjustable belt
W/u make pust turn type gear belt

Helmets (Auto darkening)
Make Welspring universal
Used for arc welding with variable glass shed from 9 a1 din to 13 a1 din
Available in various viewing area sizes.

Inspection mirror
Make Welspring universal

Used for gas lighter
Available in superior quality esab type.

Leg Guard
Used for leg protection against welding
Available in chrome leather from 14 inches size to 18 inch size.

Nozzle for Gas Cutting
Make – Esab (isi) , Ador (isi), Messer (made in germany), Sparkweld, Prestige, Million, Tanaka, Koike (made in japan), Murex, Borris .
Used for gas cutting from 3 mm to 300 mm cutting.
Available in a and b type (a type for acetylene gas and b type for lpg gas) conventional 2 pipe blowpipe.
Available in 3 seat anm and pnm (anm type for acetylene and pnm for lpg or burshane) nozzle for 3 pipe nozzles mix technology blowpipe.
nozzle size cutting range from
a-08 nozzle - a 1/32” (for 03 to 06 mm cutting) code 435 1108 355
a-12 nozzle - a 3/64” (for 05 to 12 mm cutting) code 435 1108 356
a-16 nozzle - a 1/16” (for 10 to 100 mm cutting) code 435 1108 357
a-20 nozzle - a 5/64” (for 98 to 150 mm cutting) code 435 1108 358
a-24 nozzle - a 3/32” (for 148 to 200 mm cutting) code 435 1108 359
a-28 nozzle - a 7/64” (for 199 to 250 mm cutting) code 435 1108 360
a-32 nozzle - a 1/8” (for 249 to 300 mm cutting) code 435 1108 361

Coolex p-08 nozzle - b 1/32” (for 03 to 06 mm cutting) code 435 1108 600 coolex p-12 nozzle - b 3/64” (for 05 to 12 mm cutting) code 435 1108 601
Coolex p-16 nozzle - b 1/16” (for 10 to 100 mm cutting code 435 1108 602 coolex p-20 nozzle - b 5/64” (for 98 to 150 mm cutting code 435 1108 603.

Welding Tip (nozzle tip)
Esab and suitable to Esab
Used for welding
Available for high pressure, light weight pressure nozzle tips .
From tip size 1 to 90.

Nozzle Cleaner (nozzle cleaning tool)
Used for nozzle gas cutting nozzle cleaning.

Powder coated body, square type sup quality
Used for heating co2 gas before welding, as it is a cold gas.
Available in 230 volts / 42 volts and 110 volts.

Pug Cutting Machine (portable- small cutting machine)
Make Esab, Ador (both isi mark)
Available with spare aluminium track 1.8 mtrs long, circle cutting attachment.with a type (a 1/16) and (a 3/64) gas cutting nozzles.

Also available Esab pug nm straight & circle machine for nozzle mix technology.

PVC Plastic Welding Torch.
Make - Sparkweld.
Used for PVC welding.

Regulators (Pressure Regulators).
Make - Weldcut, Esab, Tweldox, Messer, Ador, Misato, Rajyog, Yamato, Prestige, and Sparkweld.
Used for -
Available from rs 400 to 25000 rs. With single stage two gauge, and two stage two gauge options. And 2 bar to 150 bar outlet pressure.
Single stage two gauge reg for general
Two stage two gauge regulator for double filterations generally used in laboratories and chemical ind. Regulators available for gas (argon, co2, oxygen, acetylene, helium, nitrogen, air,)

Silver Brazing Rod

Used for brazing low heat ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys.
silver brazing is similar to soldering, but higher temperatures are used, and the filler metal has a significantly different composition and higher melting point than solder. Available in 2 %, 14 %, and 43 % silver content rod. and 0.2 mm size 43 %, silver foil.

Safety Belt
Make – Shree Arc, Pioneer
Available in full body harness, canvas straps, and polypropylene straps

Spot Welding Electrode
Spot welding is a process in which contacting metal surfaces are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to electric current flow. available in flat and radius nose type size 16mm x 2’’ length

Tungsten Rods
We are authorised dealers / distributors for wolfram, plansee, weldcut make tungsten rods
Make – plansee (made in austria), wolfram (made in germany), winner (made in china), and weldcut (made in china).
used for stainless steel, aluminium and orbital welding,
2% thoriated ( wth 20) used for stainless steel welding.
2% rare earth ( ws2) used for aluminium welding
2% ceriated ( wce20) used for orbital welding ( automation welding)
available from size 0.5 mm to 19 mm dia x 150 mm length.

Thermopens (Temperature indicating crayons)
used for measuring surface temperature
available from 50 to 1200 degree celsius options.

Teflon Tape
available in ½ ‘’ size (12 mm x 10 mtrs coil)

Water Circulation Unit
Make Jetarc
used for circulating water

Welding Gauge

used for measuring welding length
Available in cam type and fillet type welding gauge cam type measures fillet leg length & weld throat size fille type measures 11 fillet weld sizes for concave & convex welds

Welding transformer (Modern moving core Magnetic shunt design)
Make - Jetarc
converts the high voltage and low current electricity from the utility into a high current and low voltage, typically between 17 to 45 volts and 55 to 590 amps. A rectifier converts the ac into dc.
available in copper and aluminnium winding from 200 amps to 600 amps. in two phase and three phase

Welding Rectifier
Make Jetarc
used for converting AC current in DC current.
Available from 300 amps to 600 amps copper winding.

d.c supressor unit
make jetarc make
used for

Welding Transformers ( portable)
Make - Sai Arc
available from 150 to 250 amps single phase / two phase and combine.
copper and aluminnium winding

Wire Brush
Make - Maruti
used for cleaning rust and removing paints.
wire brush available in M.S and S.S (4 & 5 rows) circular wire wheel available in different sizes in M.S and S.S

Auth. Distr
     SAP Argon /Co2 Torch & Spares.
  WELDCUT Pressure Regulator & Spares
  WOLFRAM Make Tungsten Rods
  KESHAV Make Welding Cable & Hosepipe
  TWELDOX Make Pressure Regulators & Spares
  HARIDAS Make Electrode Drying Ovens & Spares